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Do You Want to Know about Enamel Craft?
Enamel Craft

 Enamel jewelry, perhaps no stranger to many people. It has a long history. Enamel jewelry is a kind of handmade crafts.So, what about enamel process? Today, we are going to talk about how to make enamel works. You will feel the charm of enamel crafts.

1. Enamel Color Matcher

The first step is to start with the enamel color matcher. At this step, color is one of the most important part. The job of enamel color matcher is not easy. Colour modulation is a very hard process. Because in ten million different color swatches, worker need to find the corresponding color plate. And then look at color combinations、color ratios, try to match the customer’s requirements of the color. (Colour modulation is a very tiring job, I had asked the old craftsman. In the learning of colour modulation, soon my hands was ache). Take one of the colors for example, from light to dark, from light to dark, there are hundreds of colors. Only a senior old craftsman can get the experience and spend a short time to adjust the pigment.

2. Color modulation

The second step is to adjust the color material. Proportion is the most main colourist attention to accurate. If ratio is not accurate, it will cause not soft surface or will be rough. Mix it well, then put it in the pump to remove the air from the paint. Must take about three minutes. Then let the air out of the pump. With good material on film tube, air drawn more than once again so as to ensure that there would be no air in the pigment. Then we can make the product, so that there are no bubbles in the product. With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level of jewelry, enamel jewelry is no longer a simple painting on the surface. But it also combine with gemstones, color of gemstones and the bottom of the embryo structure shape. It is make this jewelry more three-dimensional and real. Therefore, modern enamel jewelry is more about understanding and creating the design and concept of products. So custom enamel jewelry is more and more popular in recent years.

3. Paint the enamel

Put on “beautiful clothes” for an empty rack. This process is a test of the craftsman’s skills. It has high technical content about the enamel process. Drop the pigment in product process must be carefully, patience, and lighter, focus. Make sure pigment drops to the accurate position. An old craftsman needs time to practice. It needs years of service experience to make exquisite, vivid and soulful jewelry. And every piece of jewelry will be like a picture, a story, not just beauty! In painting enamel, pinching silk is a delicate and delicate process. It requires a long work and practical experience of the enamel master. And it can eliminate the miscellaneous thoughts, slow work out a fine work.

4. Let the enamel dry

The next step is to put the colorful jewelry on the dust-proof rack and put it on the air for 8 to 10 hours. First, bake it at 40 degrees for two hours, then set at 55 degrees for two hours. And then set at 80 degrees for two hours, and finally set at 95 degrees for one hour. Note that it is very hot out of the oven, you need to be careful not to touch the product. If you touch the position of enamel, it will leave an imprint and this product will scrap.

5. QC of enamelled jewelry

After the previous work, the fashionable enamel jewelry can be moved to the QC department. These products are carefully check by professional quality inspectors. We will check whether the surface of the product is smooth, whether the color is uniform and whether the overall effect is beautiful. Then we will ready for packing and shipment. Welcome to our website to learn more about process services.


The History of Enamel
Enamel History

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