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How to Choose the Style of Pearl Enamel Earrings
The Correct Selection of a Pearl Enamel Earrings

 Among all the enamel jewellery, earrings are the closest to the face. And the earrings are the most versatile face-shaped jewels that can make the face glow. Therefore, the correct selection of a pearl enamel earrings that suits you is a very important knowledge. You still wear a pair of small pearl enamel earrings and are too lazy to change? The right choice for your own pearl enamel earrings will give you a radiant glow! In this age of advocating fashion, accessories are the key to women’s success. A pair of unique and elegant pearl enamel earrings can add detail to the charm. Let you suddenly shine, reveal the infinite style, become an embellishment with magic power. How to choose the style of pearl enamel earrings? Following is a small series of tips to teach the selection of pearl enamel earring styles.

1. Selection of pearl enamel earrings for different skin color

(1)The person with a fairer complexion is very happy. Because white-skinned people wear pearl enamel earrings of any color are all very suitable. Consider choosing to wear some pearl enamel earrings that are inlaid with colored stones or more colorful, because it can set off the brilliance of the complexion better.

(2)Those with darker skin should not wear colored gemstone pearl enamel earrings that are too saturated, bright. It is recommended to choose earrings with lighter colors and white earrings.
In short, people with darker skin should wear light-colored earrings, and those with lighter skin should wear dark color earrings. This contrast will be more beautiful.

2. Selection of pearl enamel earrings for different face types

(1)Goose egg face: It is suitable for any kind of pearl enamel earrings, the choice range is the biggest. In contrast, big hoop earrings is the ideal style.
(2)Round face: People should choose the hanging pearl enamel drop earrings to create a slender feeling. And to play the role of face length, to avoid wearing round earrings. Because the round makes the disadvantages more prominent, which will make the face look more wide. Don’t wear very small enamel earrings too, because it will make the whole face looks bigger. Choose a pearl enamel earrings style that is clearly angular. It can accentuate the cheekbones and reduce the feeling of face fat.
(3)Square face: People should wear curly lines or round, oval and other round pearl enamel earrings. It can help reduce the square angle feeling, buffering the corner angle of the face. Hanging earrings are also suitable, it let the face seems to compare Slender. Try to avoid ear studs, because ear studs are generally only suitable for wearing a good face.
(4)Inverted triangle face: This feature is wide and full forehead, chin is thin. It can choose the upper narrow and wide type, such as triangular, pear-shaped earrings. To enhance the width of the lower part of the face, so that the lower jaw is slightly wider. Sharp corners when wearing or the upper metal design is slightly slender, lower pearl is slightly larger. Earrings close to the ears are the most unsuitable and should avoid any earrings that can enlarge the cheekbones.
(5)Long face can choose large round pearl enamel earrings, so that the effect of shortening the face can be achieved. It is not suitable to wear the beaded type, avoid long eardrop. Round earrings of medium length can add fullness to the face.

3. Selection of pearl enamel earring styles for different occasions

(1)You can wear simple pearl enamel earrings with a suit when you go to work. 
Pay attention to the process. If the work is too rough, it will reduce the value of the earrings.

(2)Wear exaggerated geometric earrings, rough wooden earrings, gypsy-style giant rings in the daily life. It has a wild taste and can make people more modern sense.
There are countless types of pearl enamel earrings and enamel drop earrings. However, you master the above enamel earring style selection techniques. You can definitely find a enamel earring that suits you best, and find the earrings that are relatively harmonized to wear. It will make the face perfect, showing an extraordinary temperament.

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