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How to Distinguish Between Diamond And Zircon

Zircon and diamonds are very common in enamel rings, but there are differences. How do you distinguish between zircon and diamonds when you purchasing a ring? Diamonds are the hardest substance in nature, so there is nothing to mark the diamonds. If you can mark them, they are never diamonds. Zircon is very similar to the appearance of diamonds, but zircon and diamond prices are far apart. Some unscrupulous merchants use zircon to pretend to be a diamond, deceiving consumers and making huge profits. How to distinguish between diamond and zircon? Then let’s talk about how to distinguish between zircon and diamonds.


The difference between zircon and diamond is a topic that many people pay attention to. We provide you with information on the difference between zircon and diamond. And how to distinguish between zircon and diamond. For your reference, I hope you can identify zircon and diamond, distinguish the difference between zircon and diamond, and spend less money to buy Larger zircon or diamond.


The colorless and transparent zircon is a good substitute for diamonds after careful honing. Zircon has a refractive index close to 2 and dispersion is similar to diamonds. Therefore, from the appearance, zircon will also shine with color, which is very similar to diamonds. Zircon is the best diamond substitute on enamel ring before the emergence of various synthetic diamonds. At present, zircon has become the leader of middle and low-grade gemstones, but zircon is cheaper than diamonds. It is necessary for consumers to understand the difference between zircon and diamond. This is very helpful for you to buy a enamel diamond ring.


The main identification features of zircon include high refractive index, strong gloss, high birefringence, high density, high dispersion and typical spectral characteristics. Zircon identification tools include tweezers, small shovel, table lamp, caliper and A4 paper.


Diamond is the hardest known material. Only diamond can score diamonds with a Mohs hardness of 10. Zircon has a Mohs hardness of 8. Corundum (red and sapphire) is 9. Therefore, diamonds can be carved with corundum. Stone can not be carved with corundum, corundum can not be carved diamonds; corundum can be carved zircon.

Zircon has a strong birefringence, that is, it has two refractive indices, and the difference between the two refractive indices is large. This results in a very special optical phenomenon. When observing the finished zircon product with a magnifying glass. It can be seen from the top surface that the bottom surface and the ridge line have obvious double shadow. Because diamonds are “homogeneous”, there will be no double shadows. It can distinguish between zircon and real diamonds.

The specific gravity of zircon is 4.69, while the specific gravity of diamond is only 3.52, that is, zircon is 1.33 times that of diamond. That is to say, two gems of the same volume, the weight is zircon, and the light is diamond. However, specific gravity is inconvenient to observe and can only be known after measuring with an instrument.

Through the introduction of the difference between zircon and diamond above. We hope that you can learn more about diamond 4C when you buy diamond jewelry. And understand the difference between zircon and diamond. I wish you can spend less money and buy bigger diamonds when you buy enamel rings.

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