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Wearing rules of gold enamel necklaces
How to Clear Gold Enamel Necklaces

Maybe everyone want to know how to keep enamel gold necklace gorgeous. Here are 8 wearing rules of gold enamel necklaces.

1. Do not wear jewelry when exercising or doing heavy work to avoid mutual impact and wear.

2. Do not place all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer and jewelry box. Because the hardness of each gemstone and metal is different, it will be worn out due to mutual friction.

3. The gold enamel necklace that is often worn should be inspected once a month to see if there is any wear or looseness, and then repaired.

4. Gold enamel necklaces, like other jewellery, lose their light as long as they are contaminated with body oil and sweat. Therefore, the jewelry should be cleaned once a week.

5. Enamel gold jewelry will appear white spots or white color after contact. It can’t be scraped with a knife or sandpaper. As long as the jewelry is baked in the fire and then wiped clean with a soft cloth, the enamel gold jewelry will restore its original luster.

6. Gold enamel necklaces should be washed after wearing them for a while.

7. When wearing a gold necklace, you should also maintain the buckle switch. And periodically drop a little sewing machine oil to the switch to prevent the miniature spring in the switch from rusting.

8. Remember to take off the gold enamel necklace before going to bed, in order to maintain its smoothness.

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