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What Is Cold Enamel

Cold enamel is a kind of enamel technology in which epoxy resin are used to fill instead of traditional glazes. When the resin is solidified, it can form a visual effect similar to high temperature enamel. Cold enamel is a modern technique. The color of modern cold enamel jewelry is pure and clean, adjustable and colorful. Cold enamel is different from the traditional enamel process, and its production process does not require high temperature firing.

Cold enamel is a pigmented epoxy resin which gives the effect of enamel without heating with a kiln or a torch at high temperatures, and also allows an enamelled effect to be applied to a wider range of materials.

This resin cold enamel jewelry does not need to be sintered in a high temperature furnace to highlight the color. Just apply liquid colored resin glue to the metal, wait for it to air dry or dry it in a baking oven. The process is simple. Most people’s impressions of enamel jewelry are still those of expensive vintage pieces. However, the appearance of cold enamel jewelry makes the commercial value of enamel jewelry popular from the high end to the public. Now, cold enamel jewellery can be made into both high-end jewellery and mass-produced commercial mass jewellery. Cold enamel technology is a veritable “gold mine” for jewellery designers, a must-have skill for jewelry designers.

Cold enamel jewelry is convenient for mass production and has a dazzling effect. Major fashion jewelry brands have also launched their fashionable cold enamel jewelry. Les Nereides paris, the French girl jewellery, is famous for its colorful and varied cold enamel jewelry.                                                                      

Victoire de Castellane, the jewellery design goddess that everyone loves, used the cold enamel in the flower jewelry collection designed for Dior.

One of Wellendorff’s classic works is cold enamel rotating ring. The ring features Wellendorff’s unique color cold enamel with an attractive sheen. Three layers of cold enamel between the engraving and decoration make the ring lifelike and shiny. The exquisite craftsmanship of the Wellendorff goldsmith master will be impossible to turn into reality, bringing unique feelings to jewelry lovers.

The ring of the year 2018 is dominated by crystal clear lake-blue and turquoise, and the vivid lotus of the ring shines brightly in gold.The delicate and moving color gradient created by hand makes each ring unique.Transparent cold enamel makes you gaze over the ring.Like the beautiful shadow overlooking a lotus, graceful outline from the depths of shimmer, in the water under the formation.

Cold enamel jewelry, which is easy to mass produce, has become one of our main products. Welcome to our website to check more designs. When you work with Qingdao Juicy Jewelry Co.,Ltd, you’ll have access to a professional team with years of experience in the production of enamel jewelry.

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